Wednesday, November 11, 2009

As the world turns...

Well I've been in the same place for a year now, and that can only mean one thing...time to move! (exclamation point for dramatic effect only). I loathe moving. It's one of the most time consuming, annoying, and frustrating things that we as humans have to do. Animals aren't forced to pack up belongings in flimsy boxes and transport it from one place to another, so why should we? If I had a desire to go through everything single thing I owned, don't you think I would have done it months ago? But alas, it is that time of year again. Only this time, when I thought I had moved to the ends of the earth...I have to move even Shelton, WA. Do I even know if Shelton is on your standard map? No.

I love my father, he's the best dad he can be and he's given me more most other children never get from their parents. I consider myself one of the few lucky ones to have scored with 1 completely normal parent. But his choice in woman since divorcing my mom in '98 (actually, I guess since they got divorced she would technically count as one of the "choices" in question) has been completely hit and miss. Don't get me wrong, she's an amazing gal, and she's been so gracious as to let me live with them for the past year (he's been there for 2) but her and her kids aren't normal...They're incapable of coexisting with people who function like normal human beings...he threw in the white flag in the battle and now we're forced to live in the only place we can afford right now (with him switching professions and me trying to pay for one, we're slightly strapped), our summer cabin out in Shelton.

It's a beautiful piece of property. Sitting on a clean, 5 mile natural lake, it's absolutely gorgeous..when it's 78 degrees out. In the winter it's cold, wet, windy and almost creepy. The house wasn't built with "housing" conditions in mind. We have a kitchen and running water, shower and all that stuff...but we lack a few a washer and dryer. And heating! Let me just say, I am not looking forward to this move because I don't really see any good that can come from it. Besides having additional thinking time in the extra driving miles I'm going to wrack up, as my job isn't exactly in the Mason County area....lovely.

Right now I just want to get to school and not so much start over as to have new material to work with. New people, new places, new things to inspire and motivate. More to look at and think about. I love WA and I have no problem making this place my permanent home someday, but I gotta be doing something else by now. 4 years later, it's time to be an adult and start moving. Literally.

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