Tuesday, December 22, 2009

three cheers for new years

so i have given it many many a thoughts..my new years resolution. Everyone, wether they admit it or not, has one. In the back of their mind, they give themselves one that they half heartedly try to follow every year. Well, i've never been much of one to try and pick a serious resolution with intentions on following it until this year. Standing in my shower i had a suddenly brilliant idea: I will try something new, every month, and continue to try it till the 30 days is up. Now as to what months will be what, i have no clue, but I do have a few ideas for a few:

go vegetarian
not buy any new clothing for 30 days
only shop at local boutiques (no department stores)
no sugar
10 push ups a night
do something nice/out of the way for someone new

i think this is an ideal way to try 12 new years resolutions for a short span of time greatening my chances of completing them and doing something good for myself and the people around me :) I am very excited for 2010 and all that they year shall bring.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mmmmm good...

Waiting for a friend at Mercato Ristorante in Oly... Enjoying the chianti

Rain is pouring outside and Christmas is in the air. I thoroughly enjoy this time of year even when the economy is on the outs at the moment. How can one be unhappy during this season? It really allows you to appreciate what you have rather then want all the things you are without. Cheers :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

lookbook love

This was last weeks Lookbook.nu post. It's awkward for me to try to pose and not look like a doornob or something...i was clearly NEVER a model. Ever. I guess I need Tyra to teach me to "smile with my eyes" or whatever it is she says :)

This was my Lookbook post, POST San Fran trip :) I had been dreaming of the day when I would finally run into a Zara and what do you know....I found one in San Francisco. This yummy little flowered shirt dress is from there, Vest by A&F, liquid leggies by Zinc, and shoes by Aldo...I heart Aldo