Sunday, November 22, 2009

You make breaking hearts look so easy...

and then it ends. After a week of non responsive torture to my heart he finally ended it. Said "he cant be in a relationship right now and it's not fair to me"...right, "fair"...After a very very long drive at 3 in the morning, i just feel numb. IDK what to do really...Heartbroken, yes, but now what? I'm leaving for school in 6 months, I work a lot, and he was my best friend...for 6 years now. Guess I gotta figure it out on my own now. You never really know what you got till you're missing it a lot, that's for sure. All the "should have could have would have"s start floating around your mind making you feel like this all could have been avoided if you'd just done a few things different...but you didnt. Why not? It's a question that will always remain unanswered and who knows what will come of me and Mr. Garland. Till then, I gotta find some other things to occupy my time...least my San Fran trip is coming up soon, get the hell out of this godforsaken town and just experience another place on my own for a few days...If I had known all this was happening I would have registered for the winter classes..Eff my life.


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