Thursday, October 1, 2009

to blog or not to blog?

as i am sure you have already noticed, I am a beginner blogger. I dont really know nor understand the purpose of a blog, but what i do know is there are many and millions that I constantly view while sitting on my couch, wasting time on the compu watching reruns of the Kardashians (you do it too, be proud). Though the ones I am searching through are typically famous fashion blogs of people who have either exceptional taste or a great self style (i'm a sucker for fashion although I am very unfashionable in my own personal opinion).my name is AbM, i live in the sad, sad little town of Yelm, WA (doubt it's even on the map if you tried to find it) and I work 2 jobs while trying to save for cosmetology school. i have a very interesting family (if that's the right word? it's confusing) and a not so interesting life. the only thing interesting about my life in my opinion would be my boyfriend Josiah who even after 6 years of putting up with my back and forth, "it's not the right time" and "it is the right time" attitude still finds it in his heart to love and support me; and my dog Baxter (pictures to follow). so this will i guess be an entrance into my day to day life/a place to vent where judgement surpasses me (because lets face it, i cant see you, it's a computer screen). let me apologize in advance because I am weak with words. thank you


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