Thursday, October 1, 2009

Stuffed to the gills

I went out last night and had a wonderfully filling meal with the boy at the cheesecake factory. If you have never been I strongly recommend it because it is in fact lifechanging cuisine. Start off with a fire roasted artichoke and Asian pear martini (delectable) and the wonderful Evelyns Favorite Pasta for a main entree. While it is a vegitarian dish, this pasta is so packed with flavor it's like a garden party in your mouth. Yum. And the only way to finish the meal off is with a slice of overly delish cheesecake... My favorite is the Chocolate Coconut Cream Cheesecake, but there is by far not a bad slice in that place. After partaking of such a wonderfully satisfying and caloric filled meal I told myself this morning "americanos and salad for you today lady" to offset the damage I did. And that worked perfectly until I woke up and devowered the rest of my cheesecake... Cheesecake in the morning isn't as tastey as it sounds I do not recommend that. But of course, after arriving at job #1 my boss starts trying to fatten me up like a Christmas turkey offering homemade smoothies and whole wheat pizza. And I can't be rude now can I? She keeps me employed after all... So I try to stomach more food, all the while cursing that cheesecake. Damn that cheesecake. ..

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