Monday, September 13, 2010

FNO @ Nieman Marcus, San Francisco

Well Fashion's Night Out has come and gone, and the experience was none other then exuberant. The Academy of Art University played a particularly important role in this years FNO event at Nieman's in San Francisco, with live demonstrations from students, collection samples, and beautiful window displays by many. I was so lucky as to get to be apart of this awesome event (being a student at the academy) with some friends, we spent the evening oooing and awwwing while enjoying vender-style hotdogs and champagne (yes, Neiman Marcus hot dogs are quite tasty) and taking many kookie pictures along the way....

I have taken an interest in Tambour beading now after seeing an insane demonstration by students as to what it really is. If you dont know what Tambour beading is, it's the technique used in all the couture bead work...hours and hours and hours of time are put into these projects. After watching a demonstration I can now see why those dresses are worth as much as they are...200 hours of beading is NO JOKE! I hope to take this class one summer, how fun would that be! Anyways, I'll quit rambling. More pics to be posted soon! toodles

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  1. u're so lucky to have a fashion night out event in your city. here in vancouver we miss out on all the fun.