Wednesday, January 6, 2010

give me a cookie!!!!

Day 6 of no sugar/sweets and it's getting hard...every tasty treat i see on tv or in person makes my mouth water :( but I can already tell a change in my body and the way it feels. A) i haven't had that "ooohhh i shouldnt have eaten that" feeling and then end up feeling like crap all evening long and B) I have been "Puffy" so to know, when your mid sections just seems to feel a little puffier then normal, well, i'm linking mine to my past sugar intake. Since swearing off sugar for the month of January I've shed a minimum of 300 calories a day in my diet, which will add up to a LOT come Sunday! I am personally very proud of myself for holding so strong for almost 1 full week (sugar free in my lattes, no sugar free candy, no sugar rim on my martini) since everyone who knows me didn't think i'd last 24 hours :) take that


  1. dont think id be able to do that! wish i could though..


  2. wow, me too can't do what you do~
    Love cookies too much in moderation of course...